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Welcome to the Can Care Collective LLC a.k.a. "C3" website! We’re thrilled you’re here, and are excited to show you what our community membership is all about.                


To improve the quality of life for citizens of the community by supporting research and ​development of goods/services for those in need, via marketing for Nevada's small businesses. Specifically creating small care packages of nonperishable items, toiletries, & small business donations in order to feed and cloth those in need within our own community using the donations ​from within the community itself.  Teaming up with C3 personally benefits you, assists small businesses in your area, & empowers your community directly.

    Donations are assembled, arranged, and distributed by a collective group ​

of dedicated individuals who separately apply their combined purchasing power to acquire discounts on​ their products of choice from participating local small businesses. 

C3 Members learn more about their favorite luxury items in a fun atmosphere, recieve discounts on those items, & simultaneously help the less fortunate. EVERYONE WINS!  

We're glad that you are here! Please checkout the website to learn more about C3 online workshops/events & other membership services. 


A brief background

  Since 2017 Can Care Collective LLC A.K.A. "C3" has empowered communities by enabling those seeking luxury level locally purchased items at everyday prices, while helping those in the community who cannot afford even low everyday prices.

  We simply co-host members only workshops along with local small businesses that are based around Coffee, Wine, and Cannabis, expanding our personal paletes while simultaneously assembling care packages of basic food, beverage, sanitizer, toiletries etc.  Ideally everyone leaves the workshop learning more about their favorite luxury items while directly assisting those in need within their community by personally handing out the completed C3 care packages to someone in need.

  In return for our efforts, we often get discounts/incentives from the local small businesses that we collectively market for because they know that C3 members are both doing a social benefit and supporting local business by promoting their purchases via our various social media outlets.


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